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The Epicenter of the Boom, Bust, and Resurgence: Sarasota and Bradenton

Posted by Robert Casella on Saturday, January 14th, 2012 at 1:12pm.

Ok, how about this for my first day of work in the new home industry in the Sarasota Bradenton market. Given my unfamiliarity with real estate, I thought that it only made sense that I would receive some in depth training. So, I rolled into my first assignment—selling single family homes in Heritage Harbour in Bradenton, Florida.  I met with my boss and he told me a couple of things and asked if I wanted to grab a quick bite to eat. Sure…ok, this was going just fine.

We continued to talk about the market. After all, it was 2007 and the Sarasota and Bradenton real estate market was in a free for all. Of course, no one at the time really appreciated the magnitude of this free fall and the recession that would soon follow. Grabbing a sub at Publix (hard to believe I remember this so vividly), we returned to the model where I would be selling. We sat down, had some casual back and forth talk, and ate our sandwiches. At some point after finishing my meal, he got up, handed me the keys, and said good luck. I sat there stunned. That was my training? Here are the keys? Really? And so it went. People came in the door, and I started selling. What is this countertop made out of? Wow, you should have been there to see the creative language I developed—I didn’t even know what Corian was! The funny thing is that 4 days later, half of the employees for the builder, including my boss, were laid off.  I mean, it was one of those moments of absolute hilarity and fear all bundled together.  Ever have that feeling?

I will finish my story in a subsequent blog, but what I didn’t know at the time was that Sarasota and Bradenton was the epicenter of the boom and bust of the housing market. Very few, if any, market had experienced so much growth in such a short time. Today, the resurging market in Sarasota and Bradenton is ahead of the national curve in terms of rebounding but there is much progress to be made.  

Robert Casella, CLHMS - Licensed Realtor
Certified Luxury Home Specialist

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