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Another Heritage Harbour Villa Sold by the Sarasota Bradenton Realty Team!

Posted by Robert Casella on Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012 at 4:51pm.

Another Heritage Harbour Villa Sold by the Sarasota Bradenton Realty Team! 

But this one was a little different.  I sell lots of Stoneybrook (an area in Heritage Harbour) properties but this last villa sale was a new record for me personally.  I took 4 different contracts from 4 different buyers before the last one finally closed.  The first contract collapsed when the engaged buyers called me to say they were no longer getting married and the seller could keep their deposit.  The next buyer wrote a contract and said she was paying cash but when she went home, about 3 days later and before she sent in her deposit, she said she checked with her accountant and he told her this was a bad move.  So contract #2 was no more.  Onto contract #3 - these buyers were hard to negotiate with but the poor seller was getting tired this time around.  The buyers whittle down the price to a new low and to my surprise, the seller accepts!  But as I came to find out from their agent, these buyers had been looking for many years in Heritage Harbour and each time they made an offer they eventually backed out.  They must have had a terminal case of buyer remorse because they tried to gracefully back out of this contract too.  Nothing graceful about it but now I am wondering is this villa jinxed?  Now onto contract #4 - the one that finally stuck.  It was an investor who finally came along and saved the day.  He saw the value in the purchase and a high ROI to boot.  He made a reasonable offer, paid cash, didn't have an inspection, and wanted to close quickly - my hero!  All's well that ends well. 

Carol Marra Realtor


Robert Casella, CLHMS - Licensed Realtor
Certified Luxury Home Specialist

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